Towers For Change is looking for CHAMPIONS!

Every Garden needs a CHAMPION, at schools the busy P.T.O. Mom, Science Teacher or Health Minded Cafeteria worker is usually the CHAMPION. Small family farms make great CHAMPIONS, as well as Churches with food banks, or any small non-profit trying to feed local families. Perhaps you want to be the CHAMPION of a community garden of Towers at your Senior Living facility or housing community.

After seeing the Garden to Groceries program with the Towers at Memphis Boys and Girls Club. We would like to find CHAMPIONS for all the Boys and Girls clubs who don’t have them yet. And how about putting them in Juvenile Detention Centers; with the S.T.E.M. lesson plans made just for Towers they could be instrumental in keeping our young ones from re-offending!




What Tower Gardens are doing for the recipients…


The Tower Garden® by Juice Plus+® is a great teaching tool. Besides the free lesson plans and S.T.E.M. Curriculum available, they promote 100% interaction and engagement, multi-sensory learning and help build positive relationships among students, teachers and the community.

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   See a need in your community?

  1. Become a CHAMPION by applying for a grant! A representative from Towers for Change will guide you and help you see your project come alive!

  2. You can CHAMPION a current or future TOWERS FOR CHANGE project with a donation.

  3. You can have your own Tower Garden® and be a CHAMPION for your family; a portion of your purchase goes toward a TOWERS FOR CHANGE project.

  4. You or you and your family or friends can be CHAMPIONS by volunteering your time at a local TOWERS FOR CHANGE PROJECT.  To find a project in your area go to www.JustServe.Org, a free nationwide web site that matches non-profit organizations with individuals and families looking for Volunteer opportunities.

We are in the midst of starting projects at schools, in rehab facilities, prisons and in disadvantaged communities. Other projects can be started on church properties where volunteers from the church can tend them and the bounty given to needy members of the church as well as area Food Banks. The possibilities are endless!