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Our Mission

To increase affordable access to 

nutritious produce using

sustainable growing solutions.

Our Vision


We have a vision of bringing proven

sustainable agriculture into every

community, by networking the knowledge

of a simple growing solution called the

Tower Garden®; and sharing the tools to

facilitate raising the necessary funds to

make it possible.

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There are 40 million people in the U.S. who are food

insecure and use food assistance on a daily basis.

Living in Food Deserts, living below the poverty level

and living with chronic disease go hand and hand.

Our goal: (to paraphrase an old axiom) ‘Give me the

food I eat for a day. Give me the means to grow my

own food, I’ll eat for a lifetime’.

Join Us

Studies at the University of Mississippi

show that one Tower Garden® can grow as

much produce as much as a 24 sq. foot soil

garden, three times faster, using 1/10 the

space, and 95% less water! Imagine the

possibilities. Please join us and our mission

of eliminating the words food insecurity.

Become a Champion today!