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The Founders


Mary Ann Kalonick

Shyer Maguire


I am a Registered Dietitian and have seen the damage done to the health of my patients as a result of the Standard American Diet (SAD). The rise in Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease, and all the gut issues.  What the Standard American Diet lacks are the nutrients one can only get from daily intake of fruits and vegetables.  The question was, how could I help these people not only get more access to produce but make it a regular part of their daily diet.

After learning about the Tower Gardens®, I started imagining a different future. One where fresh nutritious produce was more accessible.  One where people in food deserts didn’t have to live without this necessary commodity. We know children eat more fruits and vegetables when they grow it themselves.  We want rehab facilities, and prisons the ability to offer more produce to their residents to help increase a positive mental outlook. As you can see, the Tower Garden® can be beneficial in many different settings.

With the knowledge of what Tower Gardens® can do for the health of this nation, Towers for Change was born.

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Prior to the founding of Towers For Change, Shyer Maguire has been on a mission to improve the health of the nation for the past 17 years. By sharing her knowledge of the power nutritious produce can have on the body, she has been able to impact countless lives for the better.

As a licensed esthetician and former owner of Seventh Heaven, an ‘oasis for body and soul’ in Massachusetts, Shyer understands the logistics of running a successful business. She now resides in Florida and has pushed back retirement in order to see her vision for Towers For Change come true. Committed to fulfill the mission of giving communities around the nation affordable access to nutritious produce, Shyer hopes to leave a legacy of successful champions.

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