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The Power of a Plant

Towers For Change is looking for CHAMPIONS!

There are three ways to become a Towers For Change Champion:

You can be a Champion to Yourself and your family by having a Tower Garden® by Juice Plus+® in your home simply Email us, And you will hear back from your personal Tower expert!

You can be A Champion by looking over our Projects and donating to a future or current Towers For Change Project!

But the best way to be a Champion, is if you see a need in your Neighborhood, or School or Town or City….. And “Champion” YOUR project. Step ONE: Apply for a Towers For Change Grant. When you or your organization is accepted, You will be mentored by an official Tower Garden Representative

Each tower can grow 20 or more plants simultaneously and uses less than 10% of the land needed to produce the same amount in a standard garden. It also uses 95% less water and has been proven in research studies to produce more nutritious foods.


Help us grow, and become a hero by donating to one of our current projects, or to a future grant by clicking the button below.




What Tower Gardens are doing…


The Tower Garden® by Juice Plus+® is a great teaching tool. Besides the free lesson plans and S.T.E.M.  Curriculum available, they promote 100% interaction and engagement, SHARING, multi-sensory learning, indoors or out, and positive relationships among students, teachers and the community.



   See a need in your community?

Become a CHAMPION by applying for a grant! A representative from the Tower Garden® company will guide you and help you see your project come alive! You are compensated by the Tower Garden® company for your efforts.


   You can CHAMPION a current or future TOWERS FOR CHANGE project with a donation.


 You can have your own Tower Garden® and be a CHAMPION for your family; a portion of your purchase goes toward a TOWERS FOR CHANGE project.


 You or you and your family or friends can be CHAMPIONS by volunteering your time at a local TOWERS FOR CHANGE PROJECT.  To find a project in your area go to www.JustServe.Org, a free nationwide web site that matches non-profit organizations with individuals and families looking for Volunteer opportunities.

We are in the midst of starting projects at schools, in rehab facilities, prisons and in disadvantaged communities.Other projects can be started on church properties where volunteers from the church can tend them and the bounty given to needy members of the church as well as area Food Banks. The possibilities are endless!